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What happens in the dorm, stays in the dorm. However, this may not be a first for Dare Dorm Amberr. This sexified black girl loves to be taken by college boys in her own dorm room. Today, she invites a jock to come by to take her cock hungry pussy for some wild adventure. Facing out, Amberr rides that cock and bounces her way into pleasure. Her back is supported by her taker. This is a good view of Amberr as she gets her pussy drilled. We see her nice round breasts and smooth pussy being stretched by that hard jock stick.

Dare Dorm Yuki


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Dare Dorm Yuki puts the fun in college life in this wild co-ed party. All the boys are in their birthday suit which can be easily removed should the action go a bit further. The girls are on their lingerie and together, they all participate in some daring games that give way to their sexual fantasies. Two girls are doing the bridge position as they kiss upside down. Joining the licking fun is a brunette colleague who licks one of the girl’s navel. The boys are getting excited with all that is happening, especially in the sight of seeing some girl on girl action.

Dare Dorm Caroline


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There are surely no rules in this dorm and nothing can stop the wild and naughty antics of Dare Dorm Caroline. She and her dorm buddy invited a few guys to come over. Bored from the usual stuff at their place, she knew she has contacts to boys who are game for anything wild. On the couch way back, Caroline’s gal is giving a good oral service to one of the jocks they have invited. Meanwhile, Caroline is busy spreading her legs out as she gets her pussy eaten by a cunt hungry college boy. One of the invited boys is filming all the hot action happening here!

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What would three girls most likely do when they are left behind in the dorm by themselves? Dare Dorm Esmeralda would not keep you wondering as they demonstrate what they usually do on their time away from school. As one of the blonde gals lay down the cozy bed, she spreads her legs wide open to expose her pussy to her pals. One of them digs in and dives in to give it some good tongue work. As the other one watches, she waits patiently for her turn to be on the receiving end of that sloppy and hot pleasure trip.

Dare Dorm Lisa


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Dare Dorm Lisa and her gal pal are doing a sort of tag team scene in this shot. However, both of them have their own boys to play with. The boys they have invited from campus are up for anything and if it involves having their cocks blown to a nut by some wild dorm ladies, they would agree to join in right away! As all four of them are fully naked, they bring in the fun in the dorm room. These girls are just having fun as can be seen on their smiles! Undeniably, the boys will sure be back for more after this.

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Being in a dorm filled with all girls can be quite a drag. So these ladies organized a little party where they also invited some hot boys in the campus. These boys are sure easy to tag along because they know they can get down and dirty with these horny gals later on. Getting the party started, Dare Dorm Ivette is doing her slutty booty dance on the guy that she likes. He lets her booty rub his crotch. His buddies are sure getting a bit envious with the way they look at him. Later on, it’s going to be a wild scene that will make it a very memorable party.

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Dare Dorm Heidi is letting loose from all the school work that she has been through lately. It’s time to have fun with the boys! As she and two of her gals have a couple of boys to come over, Heidi does a little lap dance with her clothes on with one of the guys. Later on, she pulls her top off to expose her small round breasts that are topped with light pink nipples. Her boy is already excited as he throws his arm up like he struck goal in football. It’s going to be a wild night for these guys!

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Having Dare Dorm Tawny around, there won’t be any dull moment. These girls know how to have some clean and naughty fun in the dorm even if boys aren’t around. The short haired girl to the left is supports the other side of the camera as they take a nice shot of all three of them. Sandwiched in the middle, the beautiful dark haired girl is showing of her hands as if she’s a magician presenting something. The strawberry blonde girl to the right is the other one supporting the camera. Together, these three girls make the most of their free time together.

Dare Dorm Sara


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Who’s up for some booze inside the ladies’ dorm? All four of these girls are fully dressed except for Dare Dorm Sara. She’s wearing her bra as top after getting through some naughty games with the girls. Sara is a sport and being able to play along with the trip of her dorm gals, she easily wins their favor. They all hold on to their party cups filled with booze as they make cheers to having a good party tonight inside the dorm. Perhaps later, these girls, together with Sara, will all have their clothes stripped until they are fully naked to flash their goods!

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Got whip cream? The dorm is about to be turned into a venue for a wild party later on as these two gals jumpstart the happening with some whip cream shots! This Dare Dorm Staci shot will make you want to be invited to the party that will conspire. The pale white skinned gal is down on the bed with her panties on as she gets some whip cream on top of her flat breasts. One of the girls got her turn in smothering that whip cream until nothing is left on her gal’s chest. She must have carefully licked her way into cleaning everything out to give some excitement to her receiver.